Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So i bought a notchback Mustang a while ago to use as a new project car at work. went to Irwindale a few weeks ago and did some stock base runs...putting a Hellion Turbo kit on it now...gonna try not to push the crank out the oil pan...
Summit Racing came through with a new Simpson Bandit helmet (Harpoon is gonna gold leaf it), SFI jacket, and gloves so we can go back to Irwindale hopefully next thursday after the car goes to Westech to get tuned with the turbo...
I can't believe i own a Fox body Mustang...


  1. You seriously have the best gig! Fox bodies are my crunch, fell in love when I was sixteen! One day I'll have another!

  2. No fun unless you launch the crank out about 1/8th mile...used to help out with a FC in the early 70's, lots of experience doing that!
    Where did they find a helmet that fit your melon?

  3. Oh fuck, it's all down hill from here. Soon you'll be wearing white New Balance's, rolling a Goldwing, and driving a drop top '89 Corvette.

    Seriously though, I've lusted after police model Mustangs for many moons. Good stuff.

    Hope things are good.