Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thanks Brandon

So my Shovel motor is at Smokey's place in Long Beach getting rebuilt. It was long overdue and made urgent by the front exhaust valve that was starting to stick more and more...So it is now in the most capable hands i know of. Well, Smokey tries not to use aftermarket parts on anything he can still get original and i needed a new crank pin...he had already honed the barrels for the new pistons, rebuilt the rods, etc, and just needed a crank pin to move forward. I was trying to remain calm but Born-Free is swiftly approaching and i want to get the bike back together and get some gentle break-in miles on it before everyone rolls into town because i'm sure there'll be some riding done with far away friends.
Well, I called Brandon over at Westminster HD and he took the time to find one, ordered it, and i dropped it off to Smokey last night....whew. Thanks Brandon.

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