Wednesday, June 15, 2011

T-Bone is baaaay-ack

Our old friend Scott "T-Bone" Jones of NOISE fame is back! He's even eating meat now so he can put some beef into bending bars and such. He started a new blog...CLICK HERE

Speaking of T-Bone, i found this pic i took of my shovel outside his place a few years ago before he built my bars, which i did a tech article in Street Chopper about. Man, had a lot of good times on this bike in all it's different forms over the years. 


  1. Can't figure that on your swingarm shovel.
    The rear fender looks like it's attached to the upper frame and the sissy bar which is attached to the swingarm...
    Where's the trick?
    Looks awesome.

  2. attached at the sissy bar and then down off the swingarm. looks great, but boy did it wreak havoc on the lower fender mount and the sissy bar! one would crack, then i would fix it and make it stronger , the other would then crack, etc, etc...not a good combo with a tall sissy bar!