Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Born-Free News!!!!!!!!

Mike Davis, Harpoon, EZ, Josh Connley, and myself who now collectively make up the Born-Free staff, have been working on planning the 2010 Born-Free show. There are still plenty of details and things to workout, but at least you can all start planning your summer vacations!
Yes, we will be raffling off a 1950 Panhead chopper. I know! Crazy! Mike just picked up the engine and frame while we were in Japan and we'll be working building it over the next couple of months. We'll be pre-selling raffle tickets as soon as we figure out some things, like the ticket/certificate price and getting certificates printed up.
check back often with us or Mike over at BORN LOSER

Oh, and pass it on!


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  1. cool! was bummed i missed the first one. glad your putting on BF2. now, for that makeover on my bike...