Tuesday, December 22, 2009

X Xmas show at the Wiltern

The QP and i went and picked up Mrs. Zoom (AKA Cari) and we carpooled to LA for the X Christmas show with another band i really like, Calexico, which was an odd pair for a show, but who am i to complain! We ran into a bunch of friends there and i got to drink the band's beer backstage (always a plus) before the QP and i went into the balcony to watch Calexico. They were in full numbers (band membership is kind of a revolving door) and had some amazing people playing with them like this older mexican dude dressed in black stomping on a wooden box with ,i assume, a mic under it while shaking any number of percusive tools, i think everyone there was impressed with this guy alone! And he could sing! The sound was really good and while i don't usually like sitting down and watching bands play, actually i most always hate it, they are one of the few you can do it with. Calexico is definately has a southwest flavor of spaghetti western/mariachi/psych and they have a bazillion albums, but start with The Black Light if you want to buy one, or download, or whatever you kids do these days. I have it on LP...

Afterward we went back stage to wake Billy up from his nap before X went on. We hung out on the side of the stage with Cari and enjoyed their set from the band's point of view. It was funny to watch the would-be moshers try and get a pit going and then fizzle out after about 45 seconds with exhuasted faces, i guess even punks get old!
X even had two X-mas numbers that everyone enjoyed. I think you can even download them from itunes or the X website. Good times! X is one of the few bands from "back in the day" that still sound like they did then or at least like their records. Even though they have a few years under their belts now, they aren't cheesey.


  1. Calexico is awsome . My sister -in-law worked at touch and go records before the down size this past year in Chicago. To funny what a small world , I got a chopped out sweat shirt for x mas.

  2. Yeah, i really dig 'em. That was a bummer about Touch and Go, a friend's band, the Crystal Antlers, got signed to them right before they downsized.
    Thanks for your order!