Saturday, January 8, 2011


Nagoya was one of the most fun spots on our trip to Japan last month. Great people (Thank you Yoshiki and the Vice Crew!, Masato, Duas Caras, Risky Buisness, Sparetime, and friends), a super cool town that is said to be the internal combustion capital of Japan which did not disappoint. Amongst all of this i was able to celebrate my birthday three separate nights in three different cities each as a surprise thanks to my good friends--thank you.

Even when there is the possibility that language could be a barrier, relaxation, good humor, and common interests shine through and you can hang out for hours all enjoying the moment. Saw a few things at dinner table in a restaurant i never thought I'd see (thanks to Crazy Tony!) possibly laughed harder than i ever have too. wish we could have stayed there longer...

yoshiki's home garage-chopper heaven

mom & pops

Drooling at Langliz

Nagoya's famous chicken wing spot

the other Grant AKA Gunny avoiding toxic fumes from a brief wild fire

Japanse birthday cakes are sooo good, but what would you expect?

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