Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am proud to call James White a close friend, one of my best. We met at a Del Taco in Bakersfield in '98 or '99. I was alone in my chopped 1950 Ford sedan which i drove through the night from Salt Lake to go to the Hot Rod Reunion when i was 18 or 19. I ate my dinner solo while James, Jimmy Shine, Pumper Jeff, and Big Dummy started asking me questions. Back then even in California it wasn't a common site to see a car like mine, especially from out of state.
Anyway, fast forward a couple of year and i move to So Cal, a couple more i move to texas, one more and i'm back to SoCal working with Jimmy at Boyds, then i go back to Texas, get divorced, and am headed back to SoCal and Jimmy calls and says he heard i'm coming back and that he started his own shop called Circle City Hot Rods and wanted me to come work for him. For sure !! That's what i moved to califonia to do anyway, build hot rods! I even lived with Jimmy and Michelle for a time on Everett, thanks guys! The Whites were(still are) my close family.
Jimmy and i worked together for a few more years, moved into a bigger shop, built some neat cars the best we could, then Rob Fortier lures me away to magazine biz...been in that world now for almost 6 years. how the time flies. Jimmy and i are still lunch buddies whenever possible because "GUYS GOTTA EAT!" and now we are neighbors again with the Cyclelodge just less than a block away.
CCHR is still cranking out the best cars built with the most love. Jimmy has a good crew over there and an even BIGGER shop now. He even has an iPhone and a BLOG! no way! WAY! check it out HERE! Love you James (Amy is even a little jeaolous!)

We were on the cover of Street Rodder with a couple of cars we built

Some of you may remember the video the Dutchman shot many years ago...that's me in the begining smiling as they pull away. "Jimmy White's Hemi Coupe is my favorite band"

James "I just wanna weld" White

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