Sunday, January 30, 2011

FMA's TOP 3 Bikes from the GNRS

So, we just got home from three days at the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show. It has always been a great car show, hit and miss on bikes ( for lack of proper promotion) but there are always some neat surprises there on two wheels.
Our Top Favorites were our good friend and FMA blogger Jeff Leighton's FULL-SHOW '38 Knucklehead with paint by our own Harpoon, but not just any paint job! Fully metallflaked and VEILED, and some Murano pearl...whoa. Poon will fill you in on the paint details i'm sure. it's a one way ticket to crazy town for sure! lots of time, planing, and work went into this REAL bike...notthing out there like it that i know of...

The dudes from SPEEDMETAL in Denver brought out a KILLER dual linkert carbed (with FMA stacks!) '47 Knuckle in a VL frame. B-A-D. the color the parts, the whole deal was pretty sweet!
Stoked to have finally met the whole crew with Dave Barker, good dudes, can't wait to see this bike and their others at Born-Free 3!

Last But not Least, straight from Atwater Village, Johnny High on Life himself's top notch out of the box generator Shovel "the Centerfold". A real hot rod Harley! Nice work babe!

THere's some other good sleds too like the three from Foundry that included 2 knuckleheads(!), Rene's gen SHovel, Joe's Knuckle, we'll post more soon plus stay tuned for full features in STreet CHopper soon..


  1. hi ! grant
    I'm gen! love ear art!
    harpoon's paint is super cool!!
    this knucle's color is far out!!

  2. Gen! Hey friend! how's ig going??? We miss Japan big time! you should come to California for Born-Free! That would be Far Out indeed!