Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome Jeff Leighton to the FMA blog-a-tron

Hey there in the great interweb, harpoon and I are proud to welcome our good friend Jeff Leighton to contribute to the FMA blog. Jeff is a plumber from the San Fernando Valley and is no stranger to old bikes. He's built quite a few early HDs now and is partial to Big Twin Flatheads, you've probably seen em on the web or in print by now. He's building a Full-Show Knucklehead that poon is painting and has a generator Shovel in the works...oh and a dual carb knuckle race bke headed for Bonneville this year. Yeah, he's got it going on! Welcome Jeff!
Here's a Scott Pomier pic of Jeff and his last flathead recently featured in Street Chopper

Jeff's extended I-beam knuckle last summer before tear down.


  1. Something that doesn't come across in those photos is how nice Jeff is. Friendly, no attitude, and a real pleasure to talk to.

  2. This is true anthony! Jeff is just a dude that loves choppers and light saber chop sticks! I asked him to do an intro but was too humble to do so, good people.