Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Street CHopper Party Date CHANGE!

********OOPS! THe first flyer i had for the street chopper party this weekend said it was for saturday...IT IS SUNDAY the 9th!*****
Hey all you in blogger land, sorry been so absent lately. I have been working on 3 '69 Camaros for a project at work and have to have them on a trailer to vegas on tuesday...that's meant long days, everyday, since we got back from japan...tired...been trying to still get orders out every week and we are very excited about the CV carb stacks being done, and the ripple pipe.

Next weekend is the Street Chopper Mag release shindig at the Pike in Long Beach. the following weekend is the Love Cycles 2nd Anniversary party in Phoenix, then the weekend after that is hopefully going to be the rain date for the FIrst Ride which is before the Dice Party on the 22nd. THEN the weekend after that is the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona. We and our friend Mike Davis have a Born Loser/Born-Free/FMA booth at the GNRS. I entered my shovel last year and we have some friends with their machines going in this year.
we have some more exciting nes this next week but i think this is enough for now, i'm going to bed.......

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