Monday, December 12, 2011

good weekend

photo by Toru
Saturday was a good day to get back into it, cleaning the shop and my shovelhead. Rode down to the Street Chopper party with Mike on his Superglide Boattail.
Looks like i was the last on a bike to leave Gabe's new Bar HookUp, had to turn in early to get up to ride to Ventura for the Dave Mann show.

Rode up with my good friend and all around nice guy Dave "Golden hands" Polgreen from St Paul. He rode Jeff Leighton's FXR and we braved the cold for a nice ride north.
Got to the show, rolled my bike in and paid $40 to put it in still a little fuzzy from the ride, pushed it to the last remaining row and then thought to myself "what did i just do???"
 $40 to put it into an always ho-hum show??? Don't get me wrong, it was a nice day spent with friends, but the show is small and littered with some ugly bikes....oh well.
Polgreen and i split around 1 with the sun shining and jammed back to Long Beach. Good times.

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