Friday, December 9, 2011

Brake Check

A few minutes ago, on the eve of my 32 birthday, my brother calls to tell me our best friend growing up was just in an accident in Salt Lake City where we all grew up and is not expected to make it. They are holding him on life support until his older brother can fly in from Hawaii to say goodbye....
Dave Kenny is/was someone who always loved life and everyone in it, ever since we were little. He lived for those around him and especially his family and leaves behind a wife and 2 kids...i can't even image what this is like for a family to go through. I don't have too many memories from 5 to 18 without Dave...

I've always tried to cram as much stuff into life as i possibly can which i Hope is a good thing. Sometimes things get brushed aside and things forgotten in the terrific chaos that is my life. I have no regrets in life to date except stopping playing music for almost a decade from  my late teens to mid twenties. I have done tons of dumb, exciting, crazy, far out, questionable, life changing (both good & bad) things so far in my time here on earth and i am better for them. Lived many places across the USA and done a fair amount of traveling here and abroad now.
Through working hard my whole life with no school or handouts I now have a great job, two small business' (FMA and Born-Free)with friends, a house, a beautiful girlfriend, am surrounded by people i love and that inspire me in many ways, and i have things i am proud of building with my bare hands. I do wish my immediate family was closer distance wise, but we do what we can and i couldn't be more proud to be a part their family.

I am also fortunate to not have had too many calls such as this in quite some time and although i am thankful for every single day i have, i couldn't be more sad and grateful today.

To the Kenny family, my heart goes out to you.

Not really sure what the message is here besides life is indeed short even for those that live a long time. If you aren't happy with yours, change it before too long. Nothing comes without work and nothing is a substitute for those close to you.


  1. Sorry to hear that man, it sucks that it takes moments like this to remind and re-evaluate whats really important in your own life.

  2. ah Grant, sorry dude.
    Speaking as a more aged citizen of the world your observations are spot on about life.

  3. Thats horrible. Good people and friends is most of whats important. Most of us work hard and the right guy doesnt always get the job depending on the format of his resume or who he knows... Friends and love is what matters