Tuesday, December 13, 2011

more perspective

After poking around a little online yesterday and seeing that lots of people had decent things to say about the Dave Mann show I though maybe I was a little hard on it, but around 11pm last night laying in bed i realized it was because i had been in Japan at the Mooneyes show about a week ago and saw all kinds of thought provoking builds and the people behind them.
"Good" is of course a relative term, but it reaffirmed yet another GREAT trip to the Far East and how nice it is to be inspired.

It seemed like the Mann show was packed with unridden show bikes which seems like the farthest thing from Dave Mann himself and what his art represents. I think i would rather see neat bikes with fuel stains and oil splatter from the ride to Ventura than the same old (and new) trailer queens. I'll get off my high horse now, but first here's a picture of AG's swift Shovel as the whole Vice Crew were about to ride 8 hours back to Nagoya from Yokohama...


  1. It's real easy to pick things apart if that is what you are looking for. Lot's could be picked apart about Japan's scene as well. I struggle with bitterness often in the "scene", but riding a lot with good friends keeps me grounded. No matter what they do with old iron in Japan, it started here, and to spite americans lack of interest in the nostalgic things we love, you can never change the fact that it ALL started here and everyone else is mimicking it. That is something to be proud of in my eyes.

    I think what you guys are doing with Born Free and the others here promote is a unique love for the American scene. There are LOTS of guys here doing amazing work in their garages that we never see. Lots of guys ride a lot of miles that don't have blogs or are in to the latest fashion. It's still here, it just isn't as visible as the switched on internet and fashion savvy Japanese.

    The Japanese excel is so many areas largely because of their solid understanding of reciprocity and their deep sense of community. Something we could really learn from here, especially in SoCal. Of course, Native Americans understood that.

    Maybe we can foster a positive vibe about the American scene where it is as inspiring to others as Japan is to you.

  2. Hey Caleb!
    Many things went through my head after i posted the original post and also about this one. I don't like being "down" or negative" toward things in general, it's not my nature which is why it weighed on my mind after i posted it.

    I also thought my experience for the 3 times i've visited Japan could walk parallel lines with what many feel and take with them from attending Born-Free (i hope!). I don't have a spare second during Born-Free to stop and look around at the details, but i have to believe they are there and brought by people that have the love and passion. in fact love and passion is what i do feel and take with me from everyone after the sun sets on Born-Free even though i don't get to take in the bikes. So i know it's there, here, in the US of A.

    I do realize that we are spoiled both here in California and because of whats available at our fingertips at any second. It can desensitize a person to reality.

    Like many, the ride to and from David Mann was the best part. It was rare for me too because it is one of the only times recently that i haven't "worked" an event either for Born-Free, FMA, or one of a few magazines (i didn't even bring a camera!) and i got to clean and prep my Shovelhead that i built with my own two hands, lots of welding rod, and sleepless nights and ride it. It was such a treat and makes me want to never work another event.

    Caleb, i think you are a great example of what most people perusing these bike blogs wish they could be. I have for a long time been jealous myself of the miles you get to lay down with friends while the rest of us are working or doing something less liberating.

    anyway, hope some of this makes sense.

    I do think love and passion is universal no matter where it started. It is powerful and can make you do great things.

  3. I'm with you Grant...if ya don't ride the beast why build the bitch?
    Perfect paint with out chips or unworn tires or no smell of smoke tells me what a bike is all about.
    All I know is if my bike is in a pickup or trailer it better have a fucking rod hanging out the bottom.

  4. You need to make your own fun and don't let the surroundings ruin your good time....You are on a 2 wheel freedom machine...nothing is better!!! well maybe coffee,donuts and boobs.

  5. Hey Mike! Some of us don't watch SOA so we need something to complain about!

  6. People have the Mooneyes show on the brain. its a rad show thats true. I loved it. Poor Shiges butt is raw from being kissed