Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Today is a monumental day...i am about to start working on my '68 Ford F-100 again! I started this baby probably a good 5 years ago while i was working on Classic Trucks Magazine...did TONS of work to it already...Lots of chassis work getting the former twin I-beam truck to sit right on coil overs (never been a fan of air even though stuff looks great slammed. I worked with Ford Racing and put in the first Ford 3-valve Modular V8 into a non-stock application, it had an '08 4.6L V8 now with a Ford Racing/Whipple big boost blower kit (adapted from an '08 Mustang), plus a beefed up T-45R Tremec, 9" posi/3.55:1 gears, etc. First set of American Racing Magnum 500-style (AR500)wheels, 18" redlines, i snuck AC in the truck, but rearranged the dash so it looks natural and hid the lines coming from the compressor, bent, cut, and welded up custom aluminum hardlines off the condenser...trick fuel Aeromotive system all in 1/2" stainless hardline, fully tig welded mandrel bent stainless exhaust system, etc...yeah, lots of work. I gotta get it done in 2012!

old picture...all bare metal now



  1. Oh, my damn! I love that you love FORD!!
    There's alot work in this beauty and that rendering is awesome. Is harpoon gonna the task?

  2. Yeah mig wire is great for sheetmetal welding with a TIG. If your gaps are tight enough to use mig wire you can hammer weld it real nice.

    Poon was originally supposed to paint it, but now i just want to get it on the road, we'll see...i'd be happy with a single stage solid at this point...

  3. Hamilton, my apparently know that already, just checked out your guitar blog...sweet! Love my '70 P-bass.

  4. No worries man, I use it all the time for sheetmetal too-- props! Good to see the truck getting some love. You hardly ever see these year fords built, let alone shortbeds. Post some pics of ur p-bass if u can. Love the old stuff...