Thursday, September 1, 2011

Race? 5.0 update

I know a bunch of you were wondering about my 5.0 Mustang notchback with the turbo...well after a day of dyno tuning and settling on 441HP and 555 lb-FT i think the transmission was dying inside even though it seemed fine at the end of the day. Well...i put a driveshaft loop in in, a big tranny cooler with a built in fan, and bolted the drag radials on to drive it home for the first time and about 1/4 way into my commute home i sensed the stock AOD was not doing well. overdrive was toast and it didn't like shifting in any Irwindale for me that week. We were hoping the car would be too fast for not having a cage and be asked to leave...
So the unexpected push to ramp up the go fast program started. Performance Automatic built a killer AODE/4R70W for us and i am just waiting for the converter from Precision Industries and hope to have it fixed by next thursday to race...again, hoping it will be too fast.
Stay tuned and read CAR CRAFT MAGAZINE!
here's a video we did the after i bought the car and ran it through the lights in stock trim...goodtimes. and i should have said 10th not 8th at the very end...

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  1. Thats a nice Drag car. You may have to cut your hair Mullet style and grow a sweet mustache. Maybe some Varnet sunglasses with the little leather things on the side.