Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nic, nic, nic...Indians.

Seattle is a good city. It's surrounded by water, has mountains looming in the distance and has great in-town riding. Depending on which way you point your machine, you can be on the coast (101), in the mountains (Olympics or Cascades), in the desert (Eastern Washington) or in a temperate rainforest (Northwest) within 1-3 hours.

In addition to the great scenery and riding, there are a surprising number of vintage cycle and auto collections up here. One of these collections belongs to a gentleman named Jerry Chinn. Jerry's an interesting fellow, having a past in the antique business, a present in the film industry, and an uncanny knack for finding crazy old Indians and Harleys with race pedigree. What sets Jerry apart from a lot of collectors though, is that he races the wheels off nearly everything he owns. This old privateer built Indian is no exception.

Of all of the bikes I've pointed a camera at, this is the one I lust after the most. Owning it would change the look of our living room. The family couch would be gone with a quickness.

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  1. Hello ! got more pics or info on this wonderful machine ? Fell in love !!!! Thanks !!! M.B