Monday, September 12, 2011

light mock up

dialing in the look of the '66 Shovel i got last week. It was a bad funky bike with 5 gal tanks with Pegasus' on em and crap. Now i am thinking Hot ROd. I am not sure what happened to me but i took the extended drum brake wideglide (love em) off that came with it and rounded up stuff for my very first narrowglide...i must be sick. still need the left side caliper, both rotors, and an axle for a dual disc 35mm showa...let me know if you have any...
I have a different but similar seat coming and maybe even a rootbeer fender to match the tank. THat and the rear wheel to match the front, NOS rim, NOS Goodyear WHITE LETTER tires...yeah.

1 comment:

  1. I have a left caliper, it's for a narrow glide. It came from a 78 it will need cleaning and polishing. Let me know if you still need it and I'll send you pics. Francisco