Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paint By Molly

A couple weeks ago we were at a friends BBQ and an old roommate of the Little Red Tomatohead, Bill, showed up and said "Hey, i brought that Paint By Molly shirt i told you i had since i was a kid". I had kinda forgot about it and figured i would never see it since i hadn't seen Bill in some time.
Well, here it is, never seen another and Bill has had this for decades since new.

Molly was one of the premier painters back in the '70s chopper scene and excelled in metalflake and candies. He painted quite a few of the famous AEE Choppers bikes. Later in his career he was still painting and doing design work and even came up with the Kawasaki Green color. Sadly he died about a year and a half ago.



  1. That was always one of my favorite shots of Molly, surrounded by his work. Too bad it wasn't a color shot.

  2. Aw hell ya! I lived in La Habra and got to see Molly's work even before I went to work at AEE. Met him there, helped him unload a couple of the projects after he shot them. Dude was amazing, paint so deep and real....never seen that shirt before. Awesome stuff Grant.

  3. Anyone remember Lou Hislops hotbrod Molly painted about 1972.? First show Won sweepstakes at winternational car show LA Convention center.