Friday, September 23, 2011

Introduction - New Contributor

Hi, I am Anthony. Thanks to 'Poon and Grant for allowing me to share a little bit of what I am up to here in the Pacific Northwest with you good folks.

I am a 10 year resident of Seattle, a transplant from rural NY, a father of two, a husband of one, a supporter of small business, a slave to large business, an urbanite with a country boy's heart, and a guy who likes to fit alot into life. I am an inch deep and a mile wide.

I have owned quite a few motorcycles over the years and I have ridden since I was five years old. With the help of friends and family I have put together, made better, and made worse a handful of vintage bikes, cars and bicycles. In addition to a never-ending '63 Panhead project, I do battle with the masses on a Husqvarna 450 SMR Supermoto bike. It is THEE most fun road going motorcycle I have ever owned.

What else? I occasionally contribute photos and words to a handful of small to mid-sized custom car and cycle magazines, I walk my kids to school nearly every day, and I live by these words:

"Treat me good I'll treat you better. Treat me bad I'll treat you Worse."
-Ralph "Sonny" Barger

Here are a couple of the bikes I've cobbled together over the years. Version one of my '53.

Version two.

And version three. This is the one where I actually figured out how to make a Panhead run well. It now lives in Japan.

My little old pre-Unit. Wonderful neighborhood bike, now living in Southern California.

Four people I count on who count on me, and who I look up to a great deal: my son, my daughter, my wife and my friend Jake. You'll hear more about Jake as time goes on. He is talented, has consumate patience, is my older-wiser-adviser, and is the keeper of many a great project and the very well equipped shop that allows me to play the custom motorcycle game.

May your ears hang low, may they wobble to and fro.


  1. you ruined me. I MUST get a Husky now...

  2. Don't forget to put a dollar in the douche-jar...or two.

  3. Thanks Anthony! Good to have you and looking forward to more.