Monday, October 24, 2011

The well traveled Triumph

My little Triumph made the pages of this issue of Traditional Rod & Kulture, which I'm happy about.

I rode this bike for about a year and one half without doing anything other than resealing the top end, adjusting the brakes, and installing a new clutch cable. I was the forth owner, with the prior two being brothers and the original owner being a friend of theirs. The older brother set the cycle up for TT racing, rode the bike for a couple of years, and sold it to his younger brother, who I bought it from. It was a great little neighborhood bike and definitely the most well received vintage cycle I've owned. Old men, young men, women and children all seemed to like it.

What is really neat about the bike though is that I sold it to Mike Davis of Born Loser fame and he promptly passed it along to a gentleman named Yas in Japan. As you can see from the video on Mike's blog-a-roo here, a few changes have been made to the Triumph since I owned it, but it's being used exactly the way I hoped it would be.

The little machine will be featured in Greasy Kulture shortly too, and Guy said he may even include Yas and a picture or two of the bike in Japan in the story. That'd be very cool. Pic. by Jake Louvier.

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