Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dream Come True

Cyaneyed hit the newstands this weekend in the Rodders Journal. The cover features two amazing hot rods. Ryan's subtle, smooth, and slammed 37. and the Take-Out T show rod from the great state of Washington. This was an AMBR contender, and if the dudes who built it want some real RadEr's-hit me up i know where there may be a few.

In my teenage years, somewhere around 95-96, I was reading alot of two magazines, Custom Rodder and Rod n Custom. What was going on in them was so different from everything else you would see at a car show(Thank God my parents would take me to those). One of the most impactful articles was done by Thom Taylor about Larry Watson. This was it for me. I wanted to do that. I knew I could but didnt know I'd double my age by the time it happend. Haha.

Well it did, and the first thing i did was take that Rodders Journal over to show my mom and dad. This was the goal, to make the Rodders Journal. The best magazine there is. Im just glad that another client came along to go all the way with a project like this. That, and Larry Watson got to see it and give his approval, not to mention the Pete Santini school of kustom painting that I went through in the process. Pete is the man. Then of course there is all the work done by Circle City Hot Rods to build this car-just look at those bumpers!!!

I tagged along with Chris Broders, the owner of this 1949 Chevrolet Styline Deluxe and Photographer Extraordinare Mark Kawakami from Joyrides on photoshoot for Flywheels. Man this iphone takes nice pictures.

Now the chev is going to MOONEYES 20th Yokohama HOT ROD and CUSTOM SHOW.
Always the most fun show on the planet. See you there!

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