Thursday, October 27, 2011

My old buddy Jimbo

Had a nice change at work this past week. Been working on Doug GLad's '71 Dodge Demon for Car Craft building headers for the twin turbos, but with alongside one of my good friends and former employers...Jimmy White's Circle City Hot Rods.
I was just poking around online and found this picture from the Original Hot Rod Deluxe from 1999(?) when Jimmy's Hemi coupe and Skinny Jeff's pickup were on the cover. Here Jimmy and Michelle are standing with Skinny and his ex(sorry Skins!) Emily. I think this is right around the same time i met Jimmy at a Del Taco one night during the Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso in Bakersfield. I dove my chopped Shoebox out from Salt Lake for it by myself to see what was shakin in the land of milk and honey. I think at that Del Taco i also met Pumper Jeff, Big Dummy, Jimmy Shine, and a few more...this is back when these cars were still just hot rods.

About a week ago the Flying Dutchman was out here and we hadn't talked much in the last 10 years probably (for no reason really), and we talked about the somewhat viral video he did with Jimmy and his Hemi coupe. He even made shirts that said "Jimmy White's Hemi Coupe is my favorite band", pretty bummed because i think someone swiped mine!
Anyway, here's the video...that's me at 24 seconds standing outside the first Circle City on Main Street when they were taking off. Enjoy and turn it up!

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