Friday, February 5, 2010

New stuff in the store!

We have a few new things in the WEBSTORE!

First we have two new Harpoon Kustom Paint shirts that we did to take with us to Japan. The first is a ringer T with Chopper Dave's famous diamond tank on it that actually has the same metalflake on it that Harpoon painted the tank with. Harpoon figured out how to screenprint with the same metalflake he paints with (just like our 3/4 metalflake helmet hoodie!). It is printed on a white ringer with chocolate neck and sleeve rings, just like the brown pinstriping on the tank. $20 each.

Up next is another Harpoon Kustom Paint shirt with a cartoon of Harpoon rding his Panhead on it drawn by the famous Kustom Kulture artist, The Pizz. Simple black on white, $15 each.

We also got a few copies of our friend and amazing photographer Adam Wright's latest instalment into his saught after Road Course series. inside you'll find great black and white images from Adam's Lieca of Keith Richards, Lucky, both JJ's, Scott Craig, the Atwater Playboy, Zipperneck, the old dude magnet himself-Dan Druff, Dustin H, Nelson Kanno, Harpoon, and even a shot of me making a rediculous face (Thanks Adam), and many more. $30 ea plus shipping while supplies last.

Last but not least, i found one XXL Born-Free shirt from the show last year. Brand new, all packaged up. Everything is in our webstore which you can visit by clicking HERE

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