Thursday, February 18, 2010

So let it be writen!

Here is one of the major Born-Free announcements yet to come real soon. We have at last (and final) count 55 gracious sponsors of the Born-Free 2 show! We honestly couldn't do it without every single one of them (and you!). Some of you have seen the few sponsor spotlights over at Mike's Born Loser blog and we'll all be doing more of that over the coming months to help those that don't know any of them get better aquainted.
Thank you everyone, and feel free to repost this poster that Harpoon just got done with. The new born free website inst functional yet, but soon, kepp checking the blogs. Also, we made a small revision to the poster for anyone that saved it over night, save the new one instead.

OK, so we've had to make a few revisons to the poster today...I swear this is the FINAL one!

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