Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Silverface Fender Bassman 100 head for sale

I have been playing this '70s Fender Bassman 100 head for about 4 years now and actually using it for bass. I was always the loudest in the band, it gets real fuzzy and sounds way cool. Billy Zoom from the band X went through it for me whn i got it and also did a few tricks to it, like adding a master volume that's a push pull, so you can drive the rest of the amp and still control the output. Billy has finished the custom 300 watt head he's been building for me and i don't have much use for the Bassman except as a back up. It'd be a killer guitar amp and like i said, it's a fun bass amp too. $450, i'd rather not ship it, but if you have to have it, let me know grant.peterson@sorc.com
these are the only pics i have of it now with yours truely rockin out, i'll take some close ups.

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