Monday, January 25, 2010

the water is rising

it stopped raining a few days ago, but the water is rising pretty fast as i try and get my shovel done by thursday before, let's say noon, so i can setup by 4pm at the roadster show....weird things like life, work, responsibility, sleep, etc, can really slow things down. the frame is back from powdercoat, most of the chrome is done, the tins have color on them, i just need to blast the jugs and heads, wait for the polishing to come back, and then put the whole bike together....if anyone is bored, come over and i'll put you to work!
We are also trying to get our booth ready for the show, which should be right across from my bike if all goes well.

I think all the orders have been packed (FINALLY! SORRY!) and will be headed out asap, thanks for being patient.

Also, i have a 35mm Ceriani front end with a 1" stem that is in decent shape that i NEED TO SELL ASAP!!!!! I had it sold and the deal fell through, the money is spent, $360 plus shipping. i think there are pics down the blog somewhere. email

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