Saturday, January 2, 2010


I've finally been making progress on my shovelhead. Been going out to the garage every night for the last couple of weeks and getting things done. The tank has been the never ending story, but it's almost ready to get welded back together for good. I narrowed it 1 1/2 inches, recrowned the filler area, installed a British filler, lowered most of the tunnel. I'll still be mounting my power and light switches in the front part of the tunnel like did before. The bottom of the tank has been a real bugger because i'm a weirdo when it comes to metalwork. I wanted to put the bottom back together like it was still stock with the body lines on both sides and the rolled flange. This would up being way more work than i anticipated, and even though most people wont ever even look at the bottom of the tank, i'll know it's there! I should have the front mount done today and then i'll weld the bottom and top shell back together.
The rear fender is almost done as well. I need to make the very bottom mount by the trans and finish off the taillight mounting. THEN i can bodywork and paint the tins finally!
Build pipes, do lots of other little stuff, send stuff to chrome, time is ticking...probably going to change the bars, swapping the 4-over tubes for 6-over, building new wheels...


  1. That's fuckin' nice!

    As skinny as I'll be if the new year's diet goes to plan.

  2. Looks killer Grant! Where's yer rear fender from? I like the way it fits the tire. Bein a weirdo with yer metal work pays off apparently. Looks good. Hope to see more progress pics. Cant wait to see it finished.

  3. Me likey! The safety pin sissy rules!

  4. very sweet! Like the look, think the sissy bar needs laid down though, closer to rake of front end, makes it look faster!
    I love skinny bikes. I'm doing that as much as possible with that big ass bike I have.
    I was using a Sawzall on mine the other night and this a good idea? Took a sip of the gin and tonic at hand and decided it was!
    Go for it, can't wait to see it on the road.

    Brent in Napa

  5. That safety pin sissybar is truely wild. I like the seat as well as the rigid frame. Defintely should be a strong contender at Pomona!

  6. now i just need to get it all done in 3 weeks!