Monday, January 11, 2010

still busy

gotta keep grinding and filing the welds on the rear pipe and make a bracket in the rear then off to chrome...


  1. WHOOOO, them pipes look right! Still dig that fender. If you didnt set out to build a skinny bike, you got one now! Kate Moss skinny!!! Ive been goin back through the blogger tryin to find pics of what it used to look like. A glimpse here, in the background there... got any good ones you can post? Maybe a before and after? It's cool to see fad work instead of a bunch of old parts thrown together. The hard to find parts are bitchin, but those hard to find parts were fabbed parts once upon a time too. Refreshing, if you will.

  2. Thanks dudes, as soon as its all done (by the end of this month...) i'll do a little comarison of its evolution from when i got it to the basically four other bikes i've built with it. until then i'll be killing myself to get it done for the grand national roadster show!