Thursday, January 7, 2010

Born-Free 2 Sponsor info

We are getting the sponsors together now for Born-Free 2. If you want to be involved with the show & be on the posters,flyers,T shirts,banners & magazine ad's please contact me at or Mike Davis of Born Loser @ we have talked to you already about securing one of the limited tent/booth spots @ the show then we got you covered....Otherwise the deal is you pay $75 and you'll get your logo on the poster, flyer, and shirt, and can send us a banner that we'll hang up at the show. We'll also have a sponsor info table where we can put flyers, pamflets, stickers etc, for people to help them selves too. If you just want to send your stuff to us for all the giveaways you can do that too and is much appreciated. We are doing it like this to help pay for the show since we did it all out of pocket last year (which was worth it, but not cheap). There'll still be free food and drinks like last year, so don't worry! Just contact us for more info. And don't forget about the panhead raffle, we'll be selling advance tickets soon.

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