Friday, June 8, 2012


was at Irwindale last night with the Notchback. Had big hopes after doing a bunch of suspension work since the car was bone stock underneath. It was better, but i couldn't hook at all. Need to work on dialing in the new stuff and get the weight transfer working for me again. Best was a 7.96 @ 89mph in the 1/8.
This is actually almost exactly what ran at Fontana in the 1/4 (12.4 @ 109) and was hanging the left front tire with the stock chassis but leaving on the transbrake at about 4500 and HOOOOKING! This is like getting rearended by an F-350!
Stay tuned as the quest to get kicked out for going too fast without a cage continues!

i know most of you would rather see pics of bikes, but this is a lot of fuN! That's me on the left. 

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