Thursday, June 28, 2012

Born Free 4 paintjobs

This past month I've been painting around the clock(amongst many other things) to get these 4 jobs done for the show. And I did. So stoked to be out of the spraybooth. Saturday is going to be so AWESOME!!! See you there.


  1. that last tank and fender are something else.

  2. Have a good weekend Poon..sorry I couldn't ride out this year..have a beer in the wee hours of the morning at Will's like we did last year for me! I'm there in spirit! Knuckleheads Forever!

  3. 'poon. Great to see ya there, although it was when you were tear'in down your booth. All in all, GREAT FUCK'IN SHOW! Will it get even bigger and better? Hmmmmm, just have to wait and find out, eh?