Friday, May 28, 2010

long weekend

Starting the long Memorial Day weekend, have fun, get out and ride!

Few things, tomorrow is lunch at the Sante Fe Importes in Long Beach, noon.

Second, there are a bunch of you waiting for your orders, they are finally going out today! So sorry for the lag, we do appriciate your patience.

Also, don't forget that Born-Free is swiftly approaching! IT'll be here in about two weeks, so make travel plans, get your bikes going, and if you want a poster with free panhead raffle ticket get them NOW! We will stop selling them through the mail June 5th and when they are gone they are gone. Click the link to the right to order yours.

Thanks Grandpa for bombing the crap outta some stuff in WWII in your B-24!

Choose your own adventure this weekend:

1 comment:

  1. I hate it when they put beer bottles in my paint booth! I did a helmet in the tub once, don't ask.

    Party on!!!