Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There are 25 days left until Born-Free 2! Get your act together and your bike and don't forget to enter to win the Born-Free Panhead! It's an OG bike with a lot of great parts that come with a California title, AKA the real deal. Must be present to win dudes and dudettes!
The bike is basically back together thanks to Josh busting his butt and it's looking GOOD! Poon hammered out the new paint on the tank as well.
We'll have it at the Long Beach swap this weekend so you can touch, feel, drool over, and sit on. Space E13 in the back.


  1. 'poon, great job on the paint! Hats off to all you guys that had yours hands on this giveaway. Counting the days....

  2. Nailed it!
    Damn you guys are quick.

  3. wow! sign over the pink to me now......i`m sick of waiting. fuck you guys!