Saturday, January 5, 2013

My '37 UL

Ive been on an off building this '37 UL for a year and a half to two years now maybe. I bought a own up motor and a roller off craigslist in the San Fernando valley from a nice guy named Brian that had some unfortunate things happen in his quest to get it on the road.
My vision started with selling everything except the motor and knuckle frame with a pan neck. I took the blown up motor to Smokey, I built an early Trans, fixed a bunch of stuff on the frame, and started learning about and collecting '37 parts. Fast forward and you have this-and almost done mutt of an early bike. Was hoping to fire it up today, but alas... Gotta get home and hang out with the little woman an Clyde.
Soon. Gotta have it broke in to ride to the Love Cycles party in march...


  1. Looks good man. I dig the look of the tires.

  2. Welcome to the big fatty club!

  3. Great stance and a nice choice of parts.

  4. Grant ... I love it. Can Mark shoot it when you're done?

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