Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So back in the 60's Joe Alphabet built this crazy panhead chopper in a ridiculously molded frame. It was featured in a '67 Cycle Guide by Tom McMullen and the story ended with it being bought by an austrailian surfer and gone down under. Well flash forward 6 or so years and it's on the cover of street chopper like it was a fresh build by a whole new shop-what gives? Anyway holy shit this frame resurfaces in Japan at our friend Duas Caras shop. I had the Indian scout girder, we made a deal and then low and behold there it is in japan with a Stroker Knucklehead in it, and who is doing hot laps? This guy! Ron at Duas caras was not only generous enough to let me take this two wheeled earthquake around the show, but let me take off on the streets of Nagaoya with it when we visited his shop. What a treat- highlight of 2013 for sure, never did I think this would happen when I first saw that article 12 years ago!

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  1. Thought I recognozed that bike but then I thought man it looks so clean how could it have been painted way back then.
    Nice story man.