Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The far East

Can't wait to go back in December. I was on a forum recently and the whole shipping bikes overseas came up and the ignorant chimed in with all their chest pounding and blaming the Japanese for all kinds of stuff. I only blame them for building and riding cool motorcycles, and making wonderful friends...I hope the ignorant travel the world some day.

This was two years ago in Kyoto. We were leaving the largest and oldest wooden structure in the world. This magnificent Japanese temple...


  1. Well said mate, it's an international passion and the land of the rising sun has a huge history with the MoCo dating back to the Rikuyo and before.

  2. Travel, like whisky, opens the mind. I loved Kyoto and Nara, maybe a little more than Tokyo. Is that Todaji or Tojadai or something like that? I'm terrible at remembering the names of all the temples I visited there.

    Some of the dopes on the JJ just can't help being dopes. Bummer.

  3. the Japanese are a million times more likely to use parts and bikes in a artistic and preservation way and they have great style taste.
    they will share their beautiful motorcycles to the world on the internet for all to enjoy.
    bikes and parts are in good hands when they go to Japan.
    be comforted in that fact and not have a childish greedy attitude.

  4. Let me clear this up for you, loverboy. What "they" are really complaining about is the fact that our government has devalued the American dollar - through years of inept and misguided fiscal policy - to the point where most American goods (in this case classic American motorcycles) look down right cheap to outside currencies. Too bad we can't afford to buy "our own" classic motorcycles due to the fact that our congressman/senators/president are/is corrupt, immoral, and self serving. Instead, we have to sell these items overseas.

    That's what "they" are thumping their chests about, dude. Think about it.