Monday, March 19, 2012


You gotta watch this, click it on full i wanna get back to the track! Too bad they closed Irwindale AND Fontana!!!! Street racing in SoCal is gonna surge...over 4 million people have no dragstrip to go to...


  1. So true! The NHRA was created to make drag racing safe and legal, so what the hell is happening?
    We're lucky here in Illinois to have multiple dragways within a 45 minute drive. Long live midwestern drag racing!

  2. Seems really super dumb that the epicentre of post WWII go fast culture is now in this predicament, it's also offensive in a historical context to all the international fans who view your part of god's own earth as a Mecca for all we love . . . do I need to sort you out with more coin for the swingarm caper mate ? Cheers buddy, Dog.