Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Greasy Kulture

In a possible lapse of judgement, Guy at Greasy Kulture decided to put me and my shovel on the cover of his new issue. I am flattered, but i hope sales don't suffer!
It is cool though because a lot of little details have changed on my bike since i first got it on the road a few years ago like the bars/risers, made a new seat, the tin primary, fully rebuilt motor, etc...pretty proud of my old shovel and what it is now. It was all i had to work with for a few years. Photos by Mark Kawakami of Joyrides and Speed Merchant 

Anyway, thanks Guy! I can't wait to see it. CLICK HERE for the Greasy Kulture site.


  1. Very cool but fucking scary looking! Congrats Grant.

  2. Given its 'accidental' coverage over that time, I would've figured well deserved, so, well deserved man !!!