Monday, August 15, 2011

Sign painting summer

Amongst teaching summer school, painting choppers, cycle lodge shenanigans and FMA, I managed to get some sign painting done

First I start with a template I draw up, usually from a small sketch that I blow up. I try to tailor each sign to the shop if artwork is not provided, and if it is I do my best to embellish the flavor.

Whenever I leaf a sign I've found that the best results come from painting inside the window(this won't work well with a tint) plus then I can tape up my template from outside and use it as a guide for painting my reverse design.

After i paint my black outline i will apply the leaf. The results are smooth on the outside and are protected from the elements. In this sign I utilized 4 types of leaf to add a dramatic olde tyme style.

-more often than not I will just blackout the background, sometimes the reverse of the leafing is none too pretty and/or is delicate and full of cracks. A gold paint will work very well to fill in these cracks. However this was not the case with Sid's sign as I was able to paint a reverse outline over the leaf to form another complete sign.

Sid and all the guys at the shop are a complete group of characters and I always enjoy the time I spend at the shop.

Sid's Tattoo Parlor 7146648804

And this is where I learned how to tattoo! 7th street tattoo is directly off the main vein of the pulsating heart that is St. Paul Minnesota. Pete Mason has been running this shop about as long as I've been teaching school except I don't have the fifty dollar $30 name days.

Pete is a great friend and recipient of my first tattoo so are all the guys out there and our friendship is all thanks to Born-Free as you may have seen in some posts below. Back when Jeff and I (yo Layton) were out there Pete and I discussed that if I was ever out here again his vinyl would have to go.

The inside got some serious scrollwork too

The original vinyl lettering had a really cool "boogie" type face so I used that as my template.

Even without the leaf the white outline with black drop shadow looked 3kabillion times better. Vinyl signs have there place sure and have spawned an entire industry while making anyone with a plotter and the ability to type a signmaker, but the proof is in the pudding true believers.

Spencer took a few action shots. Thanks spence!

The leaf comes in square sheets as you can see and only sticks to where the size is painted on. The excess gets cleaned up an what you see below is the finished sign

Check them out

just down the street from the cycle lodge you find torch tattoo. Justin and Kyle just celebrated their one year anniversary with a big party/art show and a sweet door commission to yours truly.

Check out Justin and Kyle

Earlier this year our pal Jon Tubbs from Alabama opened up a shop for men who like clothes that fit in long beach. We'd been talking about a window sign forever and talk is talk without action so here it is in gold and silver leafed glory

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