Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Full TIlt Boogie

So Zac (Heavy) and Pete (7th St Tattoo) from St Paul, MN (land of a 1000 lakes!) decided a while back to take matters into their own hands and put on a local chopper show in Minnesota. Thus was born the Full Tilt Chopper Show!
Since the whole Minnesota gang has been out to Born-Free since the very first one, with bikes i might add, Harpoon and i had to go show a little love. Poon just got done teaching summer school and i was almost caught up with work having taken a bunch of time off to do Born-Free, so we booked a couple last minute tickets and flew east.
Dave Polgreen picked us up from the airport in his black Cadillac and we went to the HEAVY compound and we greeted with smiles and beverages. The whole weekend was a lot of fun from hanging out shooting the breeze, to no helmet riding (Dave also had extra bikes for us!), to the bearded lady show (and everyone thinks california is full of weirdos!), to chicken wings and White Castle (gross!).
i had to make it a short trip to get back for work so i flew back sunday night after the Full Tilt show which was a blast! Zac hooked us up with a spot to sell some FMA goods next to Tim and Matt from Death Science/Show Class Mag and Craze from Eternal Combustion. It was good to spend some time with the Death Science guys while they slammed diet Mountain Dews! Thanks for the mag and tank tops!  Kevin's Shovelhead rules, got tattooed by Spencer, thanks! Josh, it was good to spend some time with you agian dude! Teach and his ol lady were doing burnouts on knuckleheads for their anniversary, so much, still tired, here's a few pics.
Thanks dudes!

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