Monday, July 18, 2011

A few weeks late

I know im late with talk about Born Free, but what can i say i have been busy. Here are some pics from my camera that I like

Me Yoshiki and Dave Polgreen. 2 of my favorite people in the motorcycle world
Yoshiki, Mr Satans Crate and owner of the Vice Store in Nagoya, Japan sitting on my bike. He looks good on it
Dave, Will and Jay. Representing at BF3. These guys ride Choppers not baggers.

The Harpoon standing with 4 of his fine paint jobs at the show. Bikes with Harpoon paint jobs won, Best Panhead (Wills Bike), Best Knucklehead(my 1938), The Born Free Award(Dave Polgreens amazing nickel plated long knucklehead), and Most Far Out.
Poon holding the Best Panhead and Best Knucklehead trophies with the 2 bikes. Wills amazing panhead, and my Knucklehead
Dave and I hamming it up with our Trophies

The show was simply amazing. One of the best days ever. So many amazing bikes and more importantly some amazing people. Thanks Grant and Mike

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  1. Good times for sure and to be able to do the ride on my 47 knuck from MN to CA with no chase truck or trailer will live in my heart forever!