Friday, May 27, 2011

Indians, Fantasy, letterpress, dragons, airbrushing...New Shirts!

We have a few new designs for you just in time for summer as well as a few old ones back in stock.
We revamped our Headress design to a big front only print and now have it in tees, ladies, and TANK TOPS! Looks like an Indian summer...CLICK THE FMA WEBSTORE to buy.

Next is the FMA Dragon Slayer Baseball tee. our friend and talented artist EZ put his pens to paper and came up with this killer knucklehead chopper fantasy design. Black on a black and white baseball tee. Then Harpoon took matters in his own hands and fired up the airbrush to add one-off colors to the magical artwork...get a
stock one or a full optioned airbrushed shirt. Airbrushing is done one at a time by Harpoon and are made to order.

Also up is the simple and sweet FMA 1910 design. Harpoon put this logo together a while back to use as a tag for a special FMA co-op project in Japan and we thought it'd look sweet by itself on a tee.

Back in stock are the Splitting Lanes Is Not A Crime tees. In both black and in white. We also have hats and every order gets stickers...

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