Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Asphalt Gods

In case you didn't know, FMA is the #1 seller of Gabe Griffin's Asphalt Gods book on the Heathens motorcycle family. Gabe made me this poster for the Cyclelodge so i took the torch and burnt it and a piece of wood, then shellacked them together...i'm handy, i know. Good with wood maybe...
If you want a book and haven't ordered one yet, CLICK HERE to visit our online store. They are all signed and numbered. I heard the last 100 books will rise in price significantly, so get one now.


  1. isn't there suppose to be 2 other books coming as well? My dads club(scavengers mc) in the 70,s & 80,s used to ride with the heathens mc. he was really stoked to see the book and we would both like to see the other ones. let me know if there's any truth to what I thought.

  2. Hey Gus,
    Yes, that is the plan. But Gabe is a one man show and is doing these for posterity on his own without funding from anywhere else, so he is trying to raise enough with this book to get one of the others printed. He is still working on the film documentarty too, stay tuned! For anyone that hasn't bought one yet, DO IT so Gabe can keep moving forward with the rest.