Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parts for sale

Got some parts on the chopping to buy.

Crazy Frank fender. Yep, one of those. just sand blasted and given a coat of high build primer. (sale pending) 

Panhead Adjustable sidecar 41mm wideglide triple trees. Old chrome.

Ok, this narrow wideglide setup came off a panhead that used to run around in SoCal (no kidding). Old narrow aftermarket 41mm triple trees from the '70s that also has an axle and 21" spool wheel complete with ribbed hub. It is all dirty, as found, but you can see it might clean up alright. I am selling just the trees, wheel, and axle. All or separate. This is shown with my tubes and lowers, add your own.


  1. what are you looking to get for the narrowed front end? call me at 419-514-7496.

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