Friday, April 22, 2011

completely CHOPPED

maybe you've seen this, maybe not-its all over that hamb. I've seen it a bunch in old mags like car craft and cycle world/cycle guide, choppers. but here it is in color. Larry Gormans Knucklehead with a Larry Watson Paintjob and a more than likely Bill DeCarr molding. Ripple Pipe. VL forks. Raked. Insanity. Can you imagine walking into Watson shop with your knucklehead "Hey Larry, i got this idea..."


  1. Isn't this the bike that eventually became AEE's Mindbender?

  2. Note the Gene's Muffler shop p/u out front. This was when Larry's shop was next door to Gene's on Lakewood Blvd. close to the old Lakewood drive-in. I had Gene cut my springs and put on dual exhaust and split my manifold on my '41 chevy coupe and add bellflowers on the ends (Artesia curb scrappers to some) back in 1965. Way back.