Monday, September 14, 2009

Too close for comfort

I always wondered about these two shovels...So many similarities between Big Armon's (RIP)bike and this other one...maybe the little guy got it after Armon was killed? Dunno, but two Speedy SHifts, 19s in the back, real similar paint and stripping, different sissy bars, fenders, and springers, but...


  1. Two completely different bikes, but 19" rear wheels were big in Fresno vs 18's or 16's.

    The pictures of the bottom bike come from the Sept. '74 issue of Easyriders, and the bike was built by Jerry Buttles. Armond's bike was featured for the 2nd time, in the May '75 EZ, almost 8 months after Buttles' bike.

    Different painters, but Neil Averill pinstriped both bikes.

  2. Well, there we have it! Thanks Rich! Still pretty crazy how similar they are, as each one would be fairly unique on its own.

  3. Do you know how bitchin it would be to sit down with a stack of old Easyriders and thumb through it with him at yer shoulder?

  4. hey this is a great name is Jerry Buttles II my grandfather is Jerry Buttles I he is actually the guys sitting on the bike on the tracks in the photo above..I was wondering if you could send me the photo without the watermark? you can get an email there...


  5. Wow Jerry! It's an honor! Do you have any more pics of your dad and his bikes?