Friday, September 25, 2009

downed sister

tommorrow is the big show, and besides the big award honoring one of our best friends, we have a sister of the highway in need, please help if you can and grab some jam at the show too.

Laura Ann Masura is a founding member of the Glitter Kitties M.C. She isknown for her unique process of what she calls "two-wheel jamming" = Sheseeks out organic farms and orchards around California and plans acircuitous route there and back. She then hops on her motorcycle, snappingpics and sometimes video of her trips as she visits her choice destinations.

Once she is at a farm, she selects the best fruit she can and packs hersaddlebags with as much as they'll hold. When she gets home, she turns herhaul into jars of limited edition, "custom-built" Laura Ann's Jam.

On 9/9/09, while on her way to a strawberry farm in Irvine, Laura was hit bya car on PCH. She suffered multiple injuries including a devastatingnear-amputation of her left ankle. She remains hospitalized since theaccident and will require multiple surgeries to rebuild her foot (includinga cow-tendon transplant!). Laura Ann's out-of-pocket medical expenses are expected to exceed $25,000,so please consider picking up a jar of jam for a good cause!

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