Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Nash's AARP run

The Nash somehow conned some of us into packing up and going on an overnight ride out to Pappi & Harritte's in Joshua Tree. About 10 of us wound up on the "scenic route" which was roughly 300 miles from Orange County, normally about 100 miles? 
I had never been on any of the roads we took so it was fun for me. Through Julian (stopped for pie), to Boreggo Springs which was the one mistake of the trip (over 100 degrees!), to Idyllwild, to Joshua tree. Took us 12 leasurely hours. 
Had a blast riding the '37 UL, it was a champ! It just doesn't like headwinds. 

Felt good to get out and put a bunch of tanks of gas through a motorcycle! 

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