Thursday, March 21, 2013

Almost free paint job

So here is some simple arithmetic, $500+ in materials(quality, not pretend play paint)
15-50 hours in labor or more
not including the thought process required to put together a successful layout/color combination
And we have something few people respect enough to want to pay for.
Well this Saturday some lucky someone is going to get a $2000.00 paintjob for $50.00
Because I support my friends and I support the hard working individual, the dreamer, the person who believes they have a lucky day coming to them in the form of a deep kandy apple blue, carribean murano scalloped pnut tank and fender!
Good luck

Ps, yes I still have to stripe this, but it will be beautiful and the IPhone just can't capture the brilliance of paint that was manufactured 40 years ago...

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