Sunday, February 17, 2013

Four Wheels and Far Out!

Took some time out of the spraybooth and Went up to Los Angeles to see this car at the Peterson Automotive Museum. Really wanted to see this car in person before the exhibit on Italian Design closed. What a treat-it's so tiny-the wheels are a mere 13"!!!!
The 1970 Lancia Strattos HF Zero fully functional concept car. Built by Bertone, who also fashioned another favorite- the DeLorean!
And since the Peterson is down the street from canters...


  1. My father worked in the grocery business, setting up new stores and refreshing old ones for most of my childhood. I would ride along w/ him all of NY state, give him a hand - as best as an 8-10 year old could, play free video games, and pester the guys in the butcher shops. After a day's work in Cornell, NY (where Corning Glass is), we were stopped at a traffic light, heading home, and a Stratos pulled up next to us. I was completely blown away. Dad was into Corvettes and muscle cars, so we always had neat stuff around, but as a kid, the Lancia could have just as well been a UFO full of Wookies, for all I knew. I told everyone I knew about it for a week.

    Wow, that was fun to remember just now. Hope you guys are doing well down there.

  2. Ha!! Hell yeah... that car plus the 2 in king of the mountain are top 10 in my dream garage. Horsepower that close to the ground cannot be beat. 98HP never felt better to me than in the X19 and those things are effing cheap. To the untrained eye they are ugly... but thats the offspring of HF Zero. What would the world be like without Marcello Gandini. Fuckin A Bertone!